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Conference - Paskö, painting restlessly

As part of the conference series, the Centre d’Art is pleased to invite you to a conference-talk by Ronald Mevs and Delano Morel entitled “Paskö, Painting restlessly” on Wednesday, June 06th, 2018 at 5:30 pm.

In a post-1986 Haiti where economic, social and artistic references were totally shaken, everything is in question!

As the rural exodus ensued, the boundaries between town and country became blurred, making irrelevant the social construct about the remote countryside and the use of Creole. So, here stands another Haiti that needs to be told… and to be told differently! The loss of artistic and financial support in the manner of Dewitt Peters or Tiga and Maud Robart – which have brought to light respectively the so-called “naive” artists or those of the Saint-Soleil movement – is pushing new generations of artists to create differently, changing not only materials but also paradigms.

Should we talk of a new era in Haitian visual art? Delano Morel and Ronald Mevs propose to tackle the question while trying to situate Paskö’s work in the history of pictorial movements.

Delano Morel is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fondation Culture Création.

Ronald Mevs is a painter and sculptor. Born in Port-au-Prince, he studied graphic arts in the United States. Later he immerses himself in the works of Wifredo Lam and Lucien Price to develop the Afro-Caribbean current in Haiti. Ronald Mevs participated in the exhibition “Haiti, Two centuries of artistic creation “held at the Grand Palais (Paris) in 2015.

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