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A public interest foundation, Le Centre d’Art is both a critically important heritage center for Haiti and an institution that supports artists and Haitian creation.

Supporting us will help promote Haitian culture: past, present and future!

Besides artistic creation, Le Centre d’Art endorses fundamental values for the development of Haitian civic values: excellence, open-mindedness, sharing, transparency and diversity.

Companies, Patrons, Haitian or Foreign Individuals: Help Us!

Our needs are vast: fine art materials, computer equipment, supplies and construction materials, services in kind (legal, etc.) and artworks. You can contribute to the development of Le Centre d’Art and the influence of Haitian art while simultaneously increasing your company’s standing!

You can also sponsor a student or artist for classes at Le Centre d’Art.

Contribute to the rebuilding of Le Centre d’Art. 

Donating in France, Europe or the United States and benefitting from tax deductions is now possible thanks to the Fondation pour le rayonnement de l’art haïtien (under the aegis of the Fondation de France). This foundation benefits from all the tax advantages of a public interest foundation in France (according to articles 200 and 238bis of the General Tax Code), but also from the Transnational Giving Europe network which allows donors from 17 European countries to benefit from tax advantages in their place of residency when making a donation to the Fondation pour le rayonnement de l’art haïtien. The foundation also benefits from advantages linked to the “Friends of the Fondation de France” (a non-profit organization), which enables fundraising in the United States.

The Fondation pour le rayonnement de l’art haïtien, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, was created at the end of 2014 by Maurice and Charlotte Botton, Philippe-Loïc Jacob and Miguel Bardeggia to help contribute to the development and promotion of Haitian art, and in particular to the revival of operations for Le Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince after it was destroyed by the earthquake on January 10, 2010. Administrator for the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and already very engaged in Le Centre d’Art project, Philippe-Loïc Jacob decided to personally dedicate himself in the creation of this new foundation, which includes fundraising for the Center’s rebuilding as one of its main goals.

In order to lead this mission as best he can, Philippe-Loïc surrounded himself with an Executive Committee composed of Miguel Bardeggia, Marie-Stéphane Maradeix, the actor Lambert Wilson and Princess Françoise de Broglie.

Directly donate to Le Centre d’Art in Haiti and benefit from tax deductions thanks to the public interest status of Le Centre d’Art.

To find out more on the taxation of donations made in Haiti:

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