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Le Centre d’Art goal is to highlight, create and circulate a large amount of information related to Haitian art in order to promote its influence.

We have come to the following conclusions:

  • Haitian art enjoys great renown and yet, is very poorly documented. Furthermore, the art market has been on a downturn.
  • There is little information on Haitian artists (including the most famous and popular ones) and publications and articles are rare.
  • Collections of Haitian art are for the most part either unknown, private or located outside of Haiti.
  • Publications and exhibition catalogues on Haitian art are unavailable and not republished.

Le Centre d’Art believes that heightening awareness and making documentation more accessible are ways of reviving interest in collectors, professionals and the public. Through these means we are hoping to stimulate Haitian art’s social standing while simultaneously reasserting our heritage.

This gateway will eventually be a mine of information and images in order to promote research and put different interested sectors in touch: artists, researchers, academics, writers, curators, professionals and the curious.

Additionally, it is a virtual space in transition, constantly being reworked and improved. It will be expanded progressively via research undertaken within Le Centre d’Art and offer contributors the opportunity to participate in its development.

If you would like to submit content (information and images), as well as your comments, please write to


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