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For 75 years, Le Centre d’art in Port-au-Prince has nurtured many renowned artists, from Hector Hyppolite to Edouard Duval Carrié, making a name for Haitian art locally and internationally. The Center works across social and cultural landscapes to create a unique and diverse space in Haiti that serves as a communal place for training and practicing visual arts, a gallery, and a promoter of the arts. The Center has become a hub for generations of artists, collectors, and art lovers. After the Center was destroyed by the 2010 Haiti earthquake, it was revived in 2014, thanks to the creative energy of its staff, artists, and patrons. Today, we long for a new breath of life to revive the Center once again so that its infrastructure can match its ambitions.

Recognized as a public interest institution since 1947, Le Centre d’art is self-financed and relies on the generosity of its friends and patrons. You can support the Center in many ways, and we offer an array of benefits to thank you for your generosity:

  • Whether you are an individual, a collector, a family foundation, a corporate foundation, a museum, an association, or a company…
  • Whether you live in Haiti, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or elsewhere.

Every donation counts

Even a modest donation will go a long way to support the Center. We thank all our donors by name on our website and invite you to participate in life at the Center.

Join us on our journey to bring Le Centre d’art in Port-au-Prince to a new era to promote Haitian art, support Haitian artists and make the art a part of Haitian communities.

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Le Centre d’art Thanks Its Partners and Donors

Le Centre d’Art is proud to thank its…

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